How to Clean a Freshwater Aquarium

How to Clean a Freshwater Aquarium

Cleaning your fish tank isn’t as hard as choosing one along with its contents. Keep track of the pH levels and apparent dirt frequently and replace your filter cartridge once or twice a month. Do a 25 percent water change couple of times in a month as well. You can use algae scrubbers and other tools to maintain your tank looking dashing between cleanings and changes. All this is going to keep your aquarium much cleaner!

To replace the water, turn off the heaters, lights and pumps and take out all the decorations and plants from the aquarium. Wash all the decorations and other content in warm, clean water and place them aside. If possible, try not to take out your fish too frequently when cleaning, as it’ll induce them to stress and can make them frustrated. If you have to, carefully take out your fish with a net and put them in a big glass or a container with some of the original water from the aquarium.

Concentrate on the bottom part of the aquarium. This is where 90% of the waste products usually are and can be bad for your water and your fish. All waste materials will drop to the bottom and that’s why it’s very important to clean. This is actually the reason why most fish die on novice aquarium keepers!

Using a special gravel cleaner or siphon and vacuum the gravel until you’ve extracted about one third of the water from the aquarium. This ought to give you enough time to clean pretty much all of the gravel. Be sure to substitute the old water with fresh water that has exactly the same temperature as the old water.

It’s also a good idea to keep all your fish tank supplies together. Placing aside your sponges, buckets, nets and scrubbers will help avoid the arrival of any harmful pollutants into your tank.

Now you need to do this on a schedule basis. You’ll have a dazzling clean aquarium in no time: an ideal home for wholesome fish!

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